Lauro Castelli – Poulseur – Saint-Nicolas – Soumagne

Who am I ?

psychotherapeute poulseur liege lauro castelliI am passionate about and trained in Systemic Psychotherapy, which applies to different fields, working with individual, couple and family systems. That means, intervening in creative and constructive ways to ensure an optimal comprehension of myths and beliefs that are susceptible of bringing difficulties to human and social systems.

I have studied Psychotherapy at the CFTF (Family Therapy Training Centre, or Centre de Formation en Therapie Familiale in French) in Liege, I am member of ABIPIFS (Belgium Association of intervention of Systemic Psychotherapy for Families) but also of the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association) and of the AFT (Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice). Furthermore, during the year I am continually attending conferences, seminars and supervisions in order to continue increasing my knowledge about systemic psychology and its implications.

Therapeutic work, in my opinion, goes beyond a meeting between a professional and a patient, it is more like a meeting between two people who have mutual respect for each other during which they are able to build something new together and promote change. The ultimate goal is that, with time, the person would eventually develop the tools to rebuilt his/herself and find a new meaning in life, disclosing those areas in him/her self that are causing problems and dysfunctions which impede them from moving forward.
I am specialised in Individual therapy, but also in couple and family therapy (parents, teenagers and children starting at 12 years old) and my work is adaptable to their needs. I try to integrate, in each therapy, stimulating exercises in order to create a dynamic and creative working atmosphere with the patients. One of my objectives is to guide each person to understanding his/herself, his/her history and context with the goal of discovering their true potential and using their fragilities and past wounds as an opportunity and a “tool” to rebuild their life and move forward with different perspectives.

About my own life, , having been born in Brazil, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and of spending 10 years in India doing humanitarian work. During this time, I have met many people suffering family and social injustice; people not only with physical needs, but also emotional, psychological and mental weaknesses.
My travels throughout Central Asia, in places such as Nepal, Tibet, Thailand but also in South America and around Europe have allowed me to become familiar with different cultures and to develop different ways of viewing suffering and pain and giving me a greater understanding of human beings.

My strong ability to adapt, of having an open mind (thinking outside the box), of being relational and my life and work experience will hopefully be qualities that will facilitate the therapeutic collaboration. I can also offer consultations in French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Vous avez des doutes, des questions ?

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